Businesses are changing day by day so does their way of doing it. Chatbots, which were introduced as the unknown niche in the market. Now turning into a basic necessity of every growing business. The tag “ conversational commerce” given by the industry, chatbots nowadays are intelligent, more responsive and are designed to act like humans. Given them a place in the market they are giving us a glimpse of how humans themselves are training machines to replace humans for many tasks, they are designed to decrease man force. Chatbots are becoming a bridge between companies and clients thus, this communication is making customer services handy for the businesses. 

Market is banging on to this new technology for multiple reasons one of them is sales prosperity. Today the communication process of the chatbots between brands and customers are enhancing, the customer service phase of the businesses are also enhancing and opting more automation through it. According to the Gartner’s report, in 2020, chatbots will power customer service interactions  by 85%. All over the world, brands are now suggesting that chatbots are the reliable medium for the companies who want to accelerate their sales, customer engagement, operational efficiency by reducing their customer service cost. with their brands. 

The future forecasting reports claim that the chatbots will save over 8$ billion annually by 2022. Having a chatbot revolutionize the idea of contacting your customers and keep potential customers interested to buy something and increase your sale. 

Companies are generating their 50% of the revenue from the customer service which is a “chatbots”. 

Do I really need to integrate chatbot with my business to increase sales? The answer is a big “YES”. you know why? Here are the reasons you want to opt chatbot for sales. 

Product Recommendation

Bombarding your website with a lot of product recommendations will down lift your website. Instead of this, giving recommendations to customers with relevant to their interests and searches will make customer experience strong. To solve this problem and engage more customers.

Botguys are providing human-like assistants to act like your personal fashion expert. It gives you a recommendation of what is best for you by introducing new products considering your previous purchases. 

Make Purchase Easier

Nowadays, we all are addicted to using applications and messengers for conversations but thinking about buying products of your choice through bots are beyond expectations. But guess what? Botguys is taking care of making purchases easier for the customers. The bot allows users to help them complete their ordering process. 

Turn Visitors into Potential Customers

If you nurture your visitors properly they might become your potential clients. Intelligent chatbots are made to qualify leads into conversion. These chatbots distinguish when your visitors get quick responses on the inquiry they generate. 

Chatbots get the information of the users regarding their behaviour, needs and the items they visited most, their preferences to know them better. Gathering all the information provides you a greater possibility to convert them into leads and increase your sales. 

“ Get ready for the chatbot era”

The global results show that most people will love to talk to bot rather than visiting whole websites for a particular product. The AI taking control over your business not to replace your sales team but to power your existing team by reducing human effort. 

 As days are passing, we are moving to a new era of technology everyday. People who visit and shop online are looking for chatbots. Having a chatbot on your websites will make your customers happy and enhance their shopping experience without waiting hours and hours to talk to representatives. The chatbot not only increases your sales but it drives more customer experience. 

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